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The Secret is Awareness

The life you experience is the aggregate of what you pay attention to. To live authentically is to live in complete awareness of the present moment—that slice of time which is your conscious existence. Authentic living is conscious living. 

In the First Pillar of the Freedom Code you learn to access the power of Perceptive Awareness by becoming focused on what is happening in this moment and in the broader sweep of your life in general, and this simply means to be able to pay attention. This enables you to have a clear and accurate perception of the reality you create for yourself. It allows you to access the power of your memory and intuition effectively. All four lead to awareness or what is also called ‘consciousness.’ 

The power of Perceptive Awareness arises from the combined effect of attention, memory, intuition, perception and awareness. This has the potential to allow you create a new, fresh and resourceful perspective on the world every moment of the day. 

No instant of your waking life occurs without all these features being present. They are utterly fundamental to your existence. Everything in your life flows from them: how you think, what you think, how you act and react, how you experience the world, your identity, your memory of past events, your hopes and aspirations, all originate in the interlinked process of attention-perception-memory-intuition-awareness (with imagination and desire thrown in for good measure!). When used creatively the intelligence generated by these interrelated elements can totally transform your life.  

Awareness in fact depends on attention and perception. You cannot become aware of something until you attend to it and form a perception of what it is that you are attending to. The perception you form is significantly determined by your nonconscious intuition which is based primarily on your memory. Attention, perception, memory and intuition are action processes and awareness is the state of mind that arises from them. 

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