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Activity, including obviously important and beneficial activity can at times be tedious and repetitive. It is not always possible to be full of excitement and overflowing with eager enjoyment at every task, especially those you feel you ‘must’ do. Or is it? Yes it is, and the magic ingredient is enthusiasm.
The truth is that every task contributes to the whole. The great painters were always keen to stretch their own canvass and tack it to the frame and mix and prepare their own paints. These preparatory and potentially mundane tasks were also seen as part of the finished composition and helped in the process of focusing.
Enthusiasm means to engage in the small duties with the same attention and eagerness as the big events. And enthusiasm is greatly enhanced by having a clear motivation and vision of why, not just what, you are about.
The philosophy of Adaptive Freedom highlights seven Qualities of Authenticity. The seventh is Congeniality:
At the core of authenticity is the capacity to enjoy life. Freedom without joy, laughter, beauty, art, creativity and wellbeing would be a hollow liberty indeed. Congenial people are happy people—they have a high sense of wellbeing and self-worth. This entails seeking compatibility with others, being emotionally responsive in social situations, and being constructive in conflict situations. This implies a high level of personal balance between the competing needs for achievement and play, high performance and relaxation. It necessitates being grounded. As a congenial person you will enthusiastically contribute in positive ways to friends, family and community and recognise and acknowledge the spirit of service in others. Gratitude is central to your life. You have a deep inner sense of appreciation for the abundance of life and enthusiastically appreciate the achievements of others.
Each of the 7 Qualities of Authenticity is linked to one of the 7 Pillars of the Freedom Code. Congeniality is linked to the 7th Pillar: Animation and Appreciation.
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