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Connection is vital to living a free and authentic life and this is reflected in its central place in the 7 Pillars of the Freedom Code. A new slant on the importance of social interconnection comes from Steve Pavlina’s Personal Development Insights Newsletter #42. Steve identifies a lack of abundance in life as stemming from your beliefs about money. “Money is communication” he writes and “More often than not, the problem is that you're trying to make money in ways that could be described as socially inept.” He argues that strong social skills create financial abundance. In a compelling and well thought out ending he suggests that financial abundance stems from:

1. Your ability to proactively befriend intelligent, resourceful people and add them to your social network.
2. Your ability to inspire people to refer helpful opportunities to you (resources, leads, clients, etc).
3. Your ability to serve as a positive source of inspiration and opportunities for others (maintaining win-win connections).
4. Your ability to prune and release dead-weight relationships (avoiding win-lose and lose-lose connections).
Steve believes that people who suffer financially generally make the following social mistakes:
1. They often behave as loners and spend a lot of time alone or with the same few people (social isolationists).
2. They frequently suffer from approach anxiety and low self-esteem, which discourages them from initiating new connections and creating social expansion (social timidity).
3. They clutter their social lives with losers who have little to offer in terms of support, resources, and skill-building (low standards).
4. When they do meet intelligent and resourceful people, they act passively and fail to establish new friendships (lack of intitiative).
5. They remain loyal to a pity posse that consistently blocks good referrals with fear, jealousy, or sarcasm (clinginess).
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The philosophy of Adaptive Freedom highlights seven Qualities of Authenticity. The fourth is Connection:
Connection includes action-oriented and reciprocal engagement with a broad network of people and resources who share your interests and aims. Spending meaningful time with partners, family and friends is also a necessary authentic quality. Connection entails using the power of interpersonal communication adaptively. This is an essential ingredient in effective human relationships. Connected people are usually extraverted and display positive emotions, have high levels of self-confidence, and tend to be energized around other people. But connection also has an inward-focus when you connect to the reality of yourself, your spiritual nature, and engage in honest self-reflection.
Each of the 7 Qualities of Authenticity is linked to one of the 7 Pillars of the Freedom Code. Connection is linked to the 4th Pillar: Connect and Communicate Effectively
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