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A key concept of Adaptive Freedom and one which contributes directly to your capacity to live a free and authentic life is that the universe, at its deepest levels, is made of matter, energy and information. All interactions between particles in the universe convey not only energy but also information. Information may in fact be the most fundamental element of the universe. Pure energy can perform no useful work without information. Energy and information are inter-convertible. Life cannot function without information and neither can matter nor energy.
The unfolding nature of our reality occurs because of this ceaseless exchange of information. The universe emerges from the rippling effects of immense numbers of criss-crossing invisible waves of energy and information. Our brains construct reality by downloading, processing and interpreting that information from the universal information field and making it available to us through the process of perception.
When you link this neuroscientific fact to the central role which physics gives to the “observer” in the natural world you come to an obvious and very significant conclusion: that reality is essentially a product of human imagination.
In Quantum mechanics an observer (a scientist conducting an experiment) influences the outcome of the quantum interactions they are observing. And Albert Einstein’s theory of Special Relativity tells us that motion is relative to a “frame of reference”—the world you perceive depends on your location—what you see depends on where you view it from.
The observer is therefore essential to transfer potential into reality—only when the observer looks does reality appear. You, as the observer of your own world, determine what that world is for you. You create your own reality. Your world is relative to your interaction with it and your perception of it—and that happens exclusively in your mind.
Scientists have found that your brain operates in such a way that you cannot comprehend "reality" directly. All the brain can do is to make informed guesses about what is going on. These guesses are based on how the brain itself is designed and how it processes information, and on your past experience. The crucial point is that since no two people have exactly the same neuro-anatomy or experience, no two people ever interpret anything in exactly the same way.
In your role as observer/interpreter of the world there are no limits to the extent to which you can alter the fabric of your reality. Your only limitation is the breath of your imagination and your willingness to allow it free rein. What you perceive as reality is only a canvas waiting for you to paint a picture on it. Anything is possible. To attain the free and authentic life you desire requires only that you have a clear image of what it is you want to be.
This is not to deny the existence of a ‘real world.’ The world exists as a measureable objective reality. But your reality of the world depends on your experience of the world, and that experience occurs exclusively in your mind. Therefore there are two dimensions to reality—the objective external world, and the subjective internal perceptual world of your conscious experience. This does not mean that there are two different realities—just two aspects to the same reality. 
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