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Humans are an exciting and complex mix of mental, emotional and spiritual features all existing within a social and holistic framework where we both contribute to the social world and are influenced by it.
The complete interconnectedness of the human race implies more than a common identity as a species but includes a collective consciousness or a form of super-consciousness. We are at once individual minds and part of the wider global mind of the human race.
This was acknowledged by one of the founders of the American school of pragmatic philosophy Charles Sanders Peirce towards the end of the 19th Century, when he said that Esprit de Corps, national sentiment and the will of large corporations were no mere metaphors. They reflected a common or aggregate personality of the groups of humans within them who were in “intensely sympathetic communion.”
This idea was echoed by other thinkers of the time who spoke of a group mind as an independent organism in its own right where we are co-conscious with one another in a “super-human intelligence.”
The Irish poet William Butler Yeats used the term spiritus mundi or "spirit of the world," to mean that each human mind is linked to a single vast intelligence, and that this intelligence causes certain universal symbols to appear in individual minds.
This seems very like the collective unconscious described by Carl Jung who himself advocated a concept borrowed from ancient alchemy of the unus mundas – literally ‘one world’ – a deeper unifying element that underlies both mind and matter. Jung’s concept of ‘synchronicity’ or meaningful “coincidences” is an example of such a unifying element expressed as a moment in time.
Our minds are structured in a way that facilitates this global collective activity. We couldn’t function as a social network unless we had a common system for absorbing and using information. Humans have developed a complex and effective hierarchical order of abstract concepts which allows us to make sense of the world. We are all born with this ability and we use it in the same way. It allows us to align our mind with other minds and without it the world would be chaotic.
This goes some way to explain the concept of the inseparable interconnectedness of the whole universe as the fundamental reality. This is a universal principle which is found in most religions and also emerges from Quantum theory, and applies even to the tiniest particles inside the atom. Everything, no matter how small or how great, corresponds to the whole. Atoms, cells, molecules, plants, animals, people, buildings, cars, planes—all flow together seamlessly in a web of information and energy.
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