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Adaptive Freedom

Adaptive Freedom is based on 12 Core Principles and embodies 9 Core Concepts. The ultimate aim is to achieve the 7 Qualities of Authenticity through implementing the 7 Pillars of the Freedom Code.

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      Introduction to Adaptive Freedom

      Adaptive Freedom is a philosophy designed to assist you to live a full, free and authentic life—exercising your own choices, making your own decisions, feeling and acting with confidence and effectiveness in every situation. To be adaptively free is to have a life free of fear and doubt, a life filled with meaning, success and happiness. It is based on the fundamental concept that within each of us is an underlying and inescapable trend toward the fulfillment of our inherent potential.

      Being You is the simple but powerful aim for everyone who abides by the principles of Adaptive Freedom and works to implement the techniques of the Freedom Code. The Freedom Code is an integral part of Adaptive Freedom which contains seven pillars of practice that provide practical expression of the philosophy in daily living.

      Adaptive Freedom means living an authentic life as a 'whole person'—a full, meaningful, successful and happy life. It implies that your self-concept and experience of life are in harmony with your vision and purpose. There is coherence between what you think you are and the way you are living your life every day. Your behavior reflects your values and your life-as-lived reveals what you intuitively know you are capable of becoming.

      With this comes the freedom to live your life according to your own unique needs, personality, purpose and values. To be accepted unconditionally for who and what you are. To feel all life's pain as well as its joys. To live from the heart—trusting your inner nature and your experience of the world—and being willing to accept responsibility for all your actions.

      Adaptive Freedom suggests that the ability to adapt, adjust, change and grow is the essence of freedom and freedom is the basis of authenticity. You need to be adaptive to be truly free and live authentically in the modern world. Freedom heightens your capacity for adaptability and both make it easier to sustain the unfolding process of realizing the power of your true potential in the act of becoming more authentic.

      Even though the practice of Adaptive Freedom and the Freedom Code takes place at the individual level, the reality is that there is no such thing as an isolated individual. You are in constant interaction with others: family, friends, colleagues, and society in general. Your authentic life is lived in companionship of others. They shape you and you in turn shape them. Adaptive Freedom is a shared journey.

      Adaptive Freedom is a liberation path to self-fulfillment. As you walk the path of life it allows you to leave a distinct and unique footprint on its shifting sands as represented in the Adaptive Freedom logo. It is a journey through knowledge to self-awareness and understanding. It offers a systematic and holistic framework to help you lead a meaningful, successful, happy and authentic life.

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      12 Principles of Adaptive Freedom

      1. 1.You have an inherent and irrepressible urge to Be You—to live authentically and in the process to achieve your highest potential.
      2. 2.Authentic living is purposive action—you shape your authentic self by the way you live your life.
      3. 3.Your authentic life is grounded in your needs, and built on the unfolding vision of the ideal you which creates a high degree of self-direction and a strong sense of commitment.
      4. 4.Your happiness is found not in pleasure or possessions alone but in the quality of being deeply connected in your relationships and the satisfaction of living in perceptive awareness.
      5. 5.Your natural disposition is towards the good—acting in ways that are pleasing, valuable and useful, and grounded in the inherent interconnection of all beings and a strong sense of compassion.
      6. 6.You have the courage to honor your personal values which you have clarified and you subscribe to universal values which you freely accept.
      7. 7.You possess personal power for your own benefit and that of the community, and you live autonomously as a participating member of the community.
      8. 8.You pursue success and personal excellence in all areas of your life, not merely for their results but for the sense of achievement in how you attained them.
      9. 9.You understand that mind is intrinsic to all matter and is the engine of authenticity; and you are aligned with the universal flow of energy and information in the superabundant field of Quintessence.
      10. 10.You have a high degree of self-acceptance and a willingness to accept others and life in a way that facilitates your growth.
      11. 11.You can exercise self-control and effectively manage your emotions, and your decisions and behavior are informed by your adaptive intuition and your values.
      12. 12.You have a balanced approach to the demands of life and your life is animated by joy, enthusiasm and appreciation for all its wonders.
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      About the Author

      The Author of Being You: How to Live Authentically and the person who developed the philosophy of Adaptive Freedom is Gerard Doyle. He is a change management consultant, life coach, NLP and Reiki Master, with 35 years experience as CEO and senior manager with companies and non profits in Ireland, the Middle East and Asia. A Fellow of the Institute of Management Consultants (CMC), he divides his time between Ireland, France and the United States. His latest book What is Success is available as a Free download when you subscribe to the Newsletter at the bottom of this page. 

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